FAQ - Questions and Answers

Shipping / Return / Exchange

Please check your delivery address before you finish the order. If you find that a mistake has been made in the address, please infShippingrm us as soon as possible. Any change in delivery is payable to us. Many Thanks!

We always try to choose the most favorable shipping route. For international shippings, 2 skeins fit into a small envelope, and 5 skeins in the large envelope. From now on, we are also providing larger pack sizes for our foreign customers.

We supply our German customers with DHLeasylog.

Please note our shipping & payment page.

Our shipping option "Self collect" is only valid for our shop in Pfaffenhofen. This means, if you select this type of shipment, the goods will be provided for collection in our shop. It is not used to combine multiple orders into one delivery.

All consignments are sent by registered mail, so they can safely find their way and a tracking number exists. You will find the tracking numbers in your order history in your respective order.

For our foreign customers: For large parcels over 2 kg, the package number is deposited with the receipt of the postal delivery receipt in the order, usually with 1 day delay. We recommend waiting about 2 weeks before you have to worry. After two weeks, however, it would be good to contact us, usually the packages are stored unnecessarily in mailrooms.

In the event of delivery of a damaged package, we would ask you to refuse acceptance. Our packages are insured and assumption of damaged packages releases us and our shipping service provider from any claims for damages. In order to avoid anger, please pay attention to external damage.

In your customer account under order history, you can select the relevant order and create a return receipt. For your return, you can choose a shipping service provider of your choice. Please choose a cheap shipping service provider so your return costs are low. The return is at our risk, not at our expense. Please address your return to our shop: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise GmbH, Poststr. 1, 85276 Pfaffenhofen, Germany.

For your return, please inform us by email or via the ticket system in your customer account. We will take care of it at once.

We would like to ask our foreign customers to return goods prepaid by DHL. The return is at our risk, not at our expense. Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.

The goods purchased in the onlineshop cannot be exchanged in the shop. If you do not like it, you can return your wool in the shop. Please do not forget the invoice. We will make the rebooking and arrange the repayment. We cannot exchange the goods for accounting and system-related reasons in our brick and mortar store. Of course, you can also exchange goods from the store for cash receipts in the store.

Availability of the goods

Every Friday there is an update. In the news and on our Facebook page you will find out what qualities and / or categories will be updated in the coming week. You can also find all available articles in our online shop outside of the update times by placing this checkmark in your desired quality: Availability "Show only available"

Shipping by DHL and DHL Easylog are Monday to Friday.

You can see our available products at any time using the filter (available products). All products which have not yet passed the payment process are available. Products that are reserved in the shopping cart are also available, since the ordering process is not yet finished.

Order and payment

We cannot process pre-orders. The waiting times would be several months and for us it would be a huge logistic problem. Unfortunately, we cannot accept orders by phone or email.

When ordering, you should first register with the complete address. You can also specify an alternative address (delivery address), which is recommended especially when you work during the day, the consignments must be countersigned. The shopping cart reserves the goods for the time installed at the basket. The countdown is 10 minutes. If within this time the purchase is not completed, the goods fall back into the shop. Please note that the wool is still in the shopping cart but is not secured anymore. This innovation will significantly relax your purchase. When paying, the following payment methods are offered: Paypal or via Saferpay: Giropay or ELV (direct debit).

A good service is important to us, so we are very sorry not to offer this service anymore. Our shop does not make it possible to group or split orders, we deliver as ordered.

Our shop system allows unpaid orders only conditionally. Please note that unpaid orders still have to be paid on the order day until 24:00, CET so as not to be canceled. The payment must be made directly from your customer account / order history so that the system can assign the payment. Unassigned payments also cause cancellations.

As we unfortunately had to notice, orders were canceled, which were paid via Paypal with credit card. These payments are delayed (up to 1 week) to us, so this order remains in our system in the "unpaid" status. Since, however, due to the system, the payment of unpaid orders is canceled overnight and we cannot recognize these credit card payments, they will be returned for sale by the grid and the goods. We will, of course, refund these payments as soon as they have been credited to us. In order to avoid any inconvenience caused by this procedure, we would like to ask you to fill your PayPal account accordingly, so that a direct payment can take place. We thank you for your understanding!

Our shop system automatically reverts unpaid orders at daytime (midnight, CET) to "canceled". Please make your payment in time so that your order is not canceled and the goods are not returned to the sale. Unfortunately, we cannot reactivate canceled orders, since the goods are usually no longer available or sold.

For fairness, because our quantity is often not enough for all our customers, we have set a maximum order value of € 800.00, so that the chances are good for as many customers as possible. We hope to meet everyone.

You can see our available products at any time using the filter (available products). All products which have not yet passed the payment process are available. Products that are reserved in the shopping cart are also available, since the ordering process is not yet finished. In other words, if the variant selection does not work or the order button is grayed out despite the availability shown, these items are already in various stockpiles in the status "not yet paid" and these products can no longer be accessed.

Choose a suitable skein of wool and place it in your basket.

Please note: Each gift set can only content one wool quality, but quantity and colors are optional. Choose the gift set and put it into your basket. In the order note (order completion) please tell us the gift skein / skeins with desired name for the label (max 50 characters, including spaces). If you have chosen more than one skein, you can label each skein equaly. Please also tell us the text for the greeting card in the order note (unlimited characters).

If the gift set shall be delivered directly to the recipient, the order must contain no other items than gift wool and gift set for one delivery address. Do not forget to set the correct delivery address for this order.

Shipping abroad can not be marked by us as "gift" on the customs form but is sent as a normal consignment including price tagging. As with all our items, the shipping costs are not included in the item price, so it is item price for the skein + gift set price + shipping.

Registration in the shop

At the login you can ask for a new password if you lose your password. Please click on the "Forgotten password" link and a new password will be sent to you by email. If it does not work, please contact us by ticket/email or by phone. We are happy to help you.

You would like to receive our newsletter with exclusive news? Select "Kunden / Customer" under "Newsletter" in your customer account and save it (if it is already chosen and doesn't work, please choose it again and save it). You will receive an email with a confirmation link, which must be clicked for a successful registration. You will find already sent newsletters under News --> Newsletter Archive. 

Furthermore we publish important news in the shop under the "News" tab and on Facebook..

Questions about wool

This is a very important question when planning a larger knitting project. In hand-dyed wool, each skein is always different from the other skeins, even if they are dyed together. We are always trying to send similar and matching skeins together. However, we would like to ask you for a short note about the order, if the same strings are to be processed together. Thank you! It is important to observe the following tips when knitting: For larger knits, the knitting result is particularly beautiful when knitting with two skeins alternately, similar to a strip sweater. The color sequences of the individual skeins fit harmonically in this way and no strip formation occurs. If you work with a very high-contrast yarn, it is recommended to divide the brighter and darker strings for the entire knitting part beforehand so that all colors are evenly distributed.

The yardage of our qualities is as follows:

Pure: 150g correspond to 525m or 574 yds (100g -> 350m or 383 yds)

Twin: 150g correspond to 466m or 510 yds (100g -> 311m or 340 yds)

Wool DK: 200g correspond to 427m or 468 yds (100g -> 214m or 234 yds)

Lace yarn: 300g correspond to 1575m or 1722yds (100g -> 525m or 574 yds)

Blend: 150 g correspond to 499 m or 545 yds (100 g = 333 m or 364 yds)

We ask you to note, however, that the colors of the wool can differ from the original.

The wool is hand dyed. Therefore, the skeins will never be the same and an exact re-dyeing is unfortunately not possible.

NIP is the abbreviation for "Nobody Is Perfect". As the name implies, the NIP's are not quite perfect or do not correspond 100% to our quality requirements. This means that, for example, the color (= F) has not become the same as intended, or the skein has knots (= K) (FF and FS = thread defects (felts or loops)). On each of the skeins is noted, which distinguishes him. If no abbreviation is noted on the banderole, this means that the error source is unknown.

NIPs are only available on special sales.

Of course, we do not support mulesing and we try to make sure that no wool is used in our products. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this, as the spinning industry also has to rely on the statements of the wool exchange in Australia and New Zealand. Since we are not a big hand dyeing company and we are dealing with our wool through a spinning mill, we have only limited influence on the purchasing policy of the spinning group. That's why we stick to the bottom line: Promise only things that you can keep 100%.


After receipt of your order we will send you an e-mail notification with a link to your order. You can also call up the order in your customer account under your order history. Press the button "Change" and you have the possibility to provide the voucher with your personal data before you print it. Please save these entries. After confirming with the button "Create PDF" the content cannot be changed.

To redeem a voucher, please go to the shopping cart at the end of your order process. Please note that you have already skipped the shopping cart with the "Checkout" button. At the bottom of your cart you will find a field "Coupon Code". Enter the 6-digit coupon code and press the button "Redeem voucher". This means that the voucher will be charged in whole or in part, depending on the order amount. If your voucher still contains a residual amount, you can re-use the same code until the coupon amount is exhausted. It is unfortunately not possible to redeem several vouchers when placing an order.

Vouchers can also be redeemed at our brick and mortar shop in Pfaffenhofen.

Ticket system

Under "Ticket" in your customer account, you can send us simple and convenient messages, which we will process and answer as soon as possible. Please note that tickets we have edited and declared as settled can be found under "closed tickets". Please check your ticket system for completed tickets, if you still expect us to answer.

Tickets in your customer account with the status "To take notice" will be treated as completed, the status "To take notice" is only for the better visibility in your account. If you would like to reply to these tickets, please open a new ticket, which is given the status "New" and can be viewed and edited by us immediately.


If you have not found a suitable answer to your question and you have other questions, please send us a ticket or an email to: support@rohrspatzundwollmeise.de