We had our own special wool detergent developed for our production in order to be sure that only high quality health-conscious and ecologically-friendly ingredients, which take care of the wool, are used. We have been using our detergent for quite a long time now and we are so pleased with it that we thought our customers would also like to be able to use such a high quality product on their completed masterpieces. The Wollmeise wash is also suitable for delicate fabrics, some of our employees and I myself now only use the Wollmeise wash when washing delicate items.

The Wollmeise wash will be available in two different variations and in different sizes. The two different variations are: the Wollmeise wash with our typical scent, and a Wollmeise “scentless” variation, without fragrance additives for all those who don’t like the perfumes or who are allergic to them.

It took a long time to bring a new detergent onto the market, the road was paved with a lot of bureaucracy. For me personally that gave me the certainty that only perfect and harmless products are allowed on the market and I’m grateful for this fact. In the attachment you will also find useful hits concerning consumer information, the hot-line and safety info-sheets.

Thank you for your patience and we hope that all future Wollmeise wash users will be happy to use our Wollmeise wash.

Greetings / Best wishes

Our Wollmeisenbad is suitable for hand- and machine wash at 20°C, 30°C und 40°C.
The offered sizes are 900ml: for 60 hand-, or 20 maschine washes,
425ml: for 28 hand-, or 9 maschine washes,
250ml: for 16 hand-, or 5 maschine washes.