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Blend: 70%WO, 20%WS, 10%PA: Mäuseschwänzchen

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Tiny mousetail. Pale pink-shaded grey

Our Mousetail grew in recent years, so we now also offer a dark intensity.

The former Mäuseschwänzchen can now be found under Mäuseschwänzchen light.

This fluffy, pleasantly soft and non-scratching wool has a silky shine.

Because of mixing of cashmere, merino and polyamide some semi-solid colour-ways have turned out rather more "mixed" than usual. In case several skeins of one colour are to be knitted together then a regular exchange of skeins should be aimed for. For technical reasons, with this quality, 1 knot per skein can occur. This still falls within our quality standards.



Quality: Blend: 70% Wool (Merino superwash), 20% Cashmere, 10% Polyamide, handwash cold, hand-dyed
Weight of skein: 150g
Length: 100g = 333m / 364 yds
Needle Size: 3mm –- 3,5mm