Perfect Choice "Brand New Day" by Dan Lee

Dan Lee's "Brand New Day" (a Cowl + a Hat) features stunning Fair Isle patterns and is knitted with a pure skein of natur and a set of 10 birdies. The original was knitted in natur and Pippi Lotta in quality Pure.
The kit of a skein Pure and a 10 birdies set is sufficient for Dan Lee's "Brand New Day" hat-Cowl combination.
Other combinations include:
Glückskind, Bärchen, Kleiner Prinz, Püppi
Please note:
Choose your set freely and put together your individual Perfect Choice package.
Dan Lee's instructions can be found at:
Hat: Brand New Day (A Hat)
Cowl: Brand New Day (A Cowl)


Pure: 100% Wolle: Pippi-Lotta

10 Miniskeins á  30g

From left to right

Türkise Markise, Elsa, Türkis, Frühling, Wasabi, Grashüpfer, Vamp, Tulpe, Tutu dark, Tutu light


Pure: 100% Wolle: Natur

white ivory natural

This non-scratching wool has a silky lustre and a smooth surface.

For technical reasons it could be that with this quality there may be one knot which does still reach our quality standards.



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