It's that time again, two years have passed and we are now launching the Wollmeise Biennale 2022.

Unlike 2 years ago, this year we are giving a theme, the theme is "colour gradient".

As with the Venice Biennale, there are no limits to your creativity, try to create something extraordinary that represents the spirit and taste of the times.

You don't have to knit, crochet or weave a garment, you can even try your hand at sculpture, as long as you stick to the gradient theme.

If you don't have enough wool colours at home, we have put together colour gradient kits for you.

all Wollmeise Biennale Sets are available from 01. April 2022

Preferably use our Biennale kits and/or other wool from our range.

Important! No other wool (wool from other manufacturers) is allowed.

If you use a pattern, please let us know which one you used.

You've packed all your creativity together and now you have an idea?

Congratulations! Feel free to share it with us and show us your progress. Tag us with the hashtag #wollmeisebiennale on Instagram or Facebook.

You've done it - your knitted piece is ready!

Please send us the following by 8am on 01 August 2022:

Your name / artist name

Wool used / Photo of your knitted piece


Here we go!

We'll upload the photo of your knitted piece to the gallery: 

The link to the gallery will appear here as soon as the first entries have been received.

from 01.08.22 12 o'clock until 08.08.2022 12 o'clock you can now vote.

Everyone may cast 3 votes and divide them among their 3 favourites.

The winner will be announced on 12.08.22 by email.

We keep our fingers crossed that you get the most votes.

It's worth taking part, because on 12.08.2022 it's time to crown the winners!

1st place 

will receive a voucher worth 300 euros (redeemable at

A new colouring will be put together together and named after the winner.

In addition, the winner will receive his wool!

2nd place 

receives a voucher of 200 Euro (redeemable at

3rd place

receives a voucher of 100 Euros (redeemable at

The Wollmeise team wishes you lots of creativity!