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Twin: 80% Wolle/20% Polyamid: Berlin

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Stockholm - We miss you

As we would have started our trip to Berlin this year, our Wollmeise thought "A year without Wollmeisen travelling? - WITHOUT US!"

We're just coming to you in a roundabout way, because the Wollmeise has created a special dye for you for all events.

When you hold these skeins in your hands, think of the wonderful moments we had together at the events. Think of how we laughed together. Think of all the bright colours. Think about having a cup of coffee and talking about the latest pattern. Think about the feeling of strolling through the shelves and holding skein after skein of wool in your hands.

Think of how it would be when we meet again.

We miss these events together and we miss YOU!


This non-scratching yarn is a twin from the superwash sock yarn, both have the same twist. To knit with this yarn is similar as the superwash sock yarn, for socks you only need 2-4 stitches less than usual.

For technical reasons it could be that with this quality there may be one knot which does still reach our quality standards.

Quality: Twin 80% wool, superwash merino / 20% polyamid (wash in gentle cycle up to 30 degrees Celsius) hand-dyed
Weight of skein: 150g
Length: 100g = 311m / 340 yds
Needle Size: 2,5mm - 3mm