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Pure: 100% Wolle: Eva

Wool is hand dyed and may differ from the photo

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Eva is partner from Adam.

With our soft Harmonistas you can get faded colour transitions. Are you in search for inspiration? Visit Ravelry and search in the section "pattern" the word "faded".

Our group picture shows: natürlich, 13 Al, Adam, Eva, 29 Cu

Our pattern proposal:

Random by Astrid Müller

Quality: Pure 100% wool, superwash merino (30 degrees Celsius in the washing machine) hand-dyed
Weight of skein: 150g
Length: 100g = 350m / 383 yds
Needle Size: 2mm - 2,5mm

This non-scratching wool has a silky lustre and a smooth surface.

For technical reasons it could be that with this quality there may be one knot which does still reach our quality standards.