Caress my soul by Melanie Berg

Uptown Funk by Mary Annarella

Margarete by Sue Grandfield

Pick your Side by Agata A. Piasecka

Around in a Round by Jana Huck (Janukke)

New Wave Cardigan by Mary Annarella

Harmony by Mary Ann Lammers

Halle by Mary Ann Lammers

Fractured Fairy Tale Cowl by Mary Annarella

She Persisted by Mary Annarella

There´s Fungus Among Us by Mary Annarella

Rocket´s Cardigan of the Galaxy by Mary Annarella

Our Wollmeise Biennale 2020

We thank everyone very much for participating in the Wollmeise Biennale

& are thrilled with the wonderful projects that have come about.

All of the participants went out of their way and each of the projects is an expression of

what happens when you let your creativity and love for handwork run wild.

The submitted projects are far too beautiful not to be allowed to show them.

For this reason, we hereby thank the participants who make their works available,

to inspire other knitting enthusiasts.

Dan Lee - Wollmeise Biennale Entry

1st place

€ 300 voucher

Recolouring in cooperation with our wool tit

Determination of the name

Winner receives his own wool

Susanne S. (Pattern: Leftie by Martina Behm)

2nd place

200 € voucher

Inna S. Sams Decke / Bundle of Joy By Judith Thiery 

3rd place

100 € voucher

schoenefarben - Biennale for all my loved ones

Birgit V. (Pattern: bye bye birdies by Debra Gerhard)

schmidtchen - Frühling auf dem Land

Jenny L. - Somewhere under the rainbow (Paneele: Ariadnes Faden von Nadita Swings - eingearbeitet in eigenen Entwurf)

Nina M. (Pattern: Nuvem by Martina Behm)

TanteEmm Pattern: The Glorious Granny Stitch Crochet Tutorial! , Ausarbeitung nach eigener Vorstellung

Merlin - Happy Hippopotami (Pattern: Knitapotamus the Knitted Hippo by Heidi Bears) teilweise leicht abgewandelt 

Wollgewandt - Wobico (Wollmeise Biennale während Corona)

Angua53 - Pattern: Fantastitch by Stephen West 

Yvonne T. Pattern: Find your Fade by drea renee knits

Chibcha - Gezopfter Biennalebogen

Tanja P. Pattern: Maeva by feinmotorik

Cryadis Biennale 2020: Polyphemus Pullover Pattern: Polyphemus Pullover (Sheila Toy Stromberg) integriert: 
Bluebells by Lesley Stanfield

Dreikatz - La Mer Pattern: Westfjords Wanderer von Stephen West

ChristianeBerlin - Gänseblümchen-Decke

Goldbiene - Regenbogenklinker Pattern: Painting Bricks von Stephen West

deditte - Tammo

Milaene - 'When the Flowers Bloom' Pattern: 'When the Flowers Bloom' von Lily Go

babalux - Tailfeather by Heidi Kirrmaier

Lies. - Blumenwiese Pattern: Patchworkstricken mit Hebemaschen

Xhina - Wirbelwind-Kleid in Beere Pattern: Wirbelwind-Kleid (Eigenkreation, schriftliches Pattern in Arbeit)

Zinzia Pattern: : Caesura tuck von Asa Tricosa

hobbitfisch - Sanfter Sari Pattern: Sari von Kieran Foley

bee1967 Pattern: Kukka Cardigan von Rosa P.

wollmaus - Bienale Stola nach eigenem Entwurf 

Mellania1978 - Obvious Pattern: Obvious von Martina Behm etwas abgewandelt (vergrößert)

Karo - Endless Rainbow Muster "The art of Slip-Stitch knitting" von Faina Goberstein und Simona Merchant-Dest, Model "Zlaty Dest"

Prague Loop - Babydecke

strickkroete - Wollmeisenbiennale - Quake / Quake Scarf

Andrea L. Vertically-stranded Socks Pattern by Lorilee Beltman

Do you want more inspiration?

On ravelry you will find over 2500 instructions, projects and ideas from many designers,

who knit & crochet with our wool.