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Lacegarn: 100% Wolle: Margarete

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Margarete was my mother and I thank her for everything. She did her best to pass on all of her values to me, and it worked. This also means that it"™s a big deal for me to not finish a meal, and I cry when I throw away food.

Dark red

Margarete was part of the second shipment from the Wollmeise Yarn Club. The matching pattern "Margarete" by Sue Grandfield (RiotousAssembly) can be found here

Very soft non-scratchy superwash wool. Perfect for large Lace Shawls. 2-ply is knitted with needle size 3.5mm - 4mm.


Quality: Lacegarn 100% wool, superwash merino wool (machine wash up to 30 degrees Celsius) hand-dyed
Weight of skein: 300g
Length: 100g = 525m / 574 yds
Needle Size: 2 mm - 2,5mm, für Ajour-Tücher 3,5-4 mm