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The Knitting Orchestra

Wollmeise makes music with designer virtuosos!


We at Rohrspatz & Wollmeise see ourselves as a concert hall equipped with the instruments and scores required for excellent work.

We are pleased to feature these designers who make our wool come to life through their innovative and multivocal designs, the coloratura of knitting.

They are true virtuosos!

Why Knitting Orchestra? Because we are an ensemble in which the discipline and dedication of everyone makes art possible.

Find the inspiration and confidence in our orchestra to go your own colourful ways.

There is an artist in everyone. Find yours!

We present in alphabetical order:


NEW: Über den Traum (Asimina Saranti)

Alfa (Ann Lernout)

Åsa Tricosa (Åsa Södermann)

Martina Behm

Melanie Berg

Nicolor (Nicola Susen)

RiotousAssembly (Sue Grandfield)



New in our knitting orchestra

Über den Traum (Asimina Saranti)


Asimina Saranti is a Computer Engineer and a Greek-Swiss. Being a restless spirit, she has developed over the years a passion for traveling, learning foreign languages, knitting & crochet, photography. This passion has led her to obtain first prize in a knitting design competition in 2013, publish knitting & crochet patterns, become a knitting and crochet teacher! It has given her the opportunity to learn, experiment and grow.

Her Website:

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Alfa (Anne Lernout)

Anne Lernout is a graphic designer living in Brussels, with a passion for everything that is handmade, especially textile- and yarn related. 

Color and shape … odd constructions, unconventional shapes, often surprisingly simple but always special … 

Little notes, folded pieces of paper to check out a construction and - of course – lots and lots of yarn are scattered over her desk. She turns things upside down or inside out always questioning: why do it like this ? Why not the opposite way ? Top down, sideways, or both ? That is how a crazy idea grows into a design. A cardigan that starts with only 9 stitches at the shoulder top, stripes that go crazy or a folded forward shoulder line, all her creations have an unexpected and quirky element that makes them unique.

Mostly seamless often top down, her patterns are very detailed with lots of illustrations on used techniques, schematics and diagrams.


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Åsa Tricosa (Åsa Södermann)

Åsa Söderman is a Swedish knitter who lives in Germany with her Danish husband, where she knits, reads, and bakes with abandon.

Åsa designs things she likes to wear, things that are missing in her closet, things begging to be invented. Her style is simple with great attention to the telling or funky detail and sometimes a slightly mad construction. She likes to think of her work as well crafted in the Scandinavian design tradition.

Clever solutions to tricky knitting problems please her, and she is very fond of seamless and top down. Expect the unexpected as you begin an Åsa Tricosa shawl or work your way from one shoulder to the other in a Ziggurat sweater. She also likes to share her moves, so you’ll find many photo tutorials and there is always step by step guidance in her patterns.

The seamless top down Ziggurat method is her signature technique. It has evolved over several years, and it keeps evolving. For that is what is so exciting about knitting. There’s always something new to discover or invent and make. Cast on and play!

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Martina Behm

Martina Behm, born in '74, knits, because she likes to create something and loves to have wool in her hands. That has always been so, even in elementary school. Knitting has never been neglected, neither during her economics studies nor her time as a journalist.

Martina designs preferably with colorful, hand-dyed yarns: "You can sit back when knitting, just plain knitting in garter stitch, and the result still looks great - because the dyer has already put as much love into it!"

Martina wants to make her knitting patterns so that both, the knitting and the wearing is fun - as simple, relaxing and without purl stitches. Thus arose classics like the Hitchhiker, innovative shapes as in Nuvem, Viajante or Match & Move, and elegant as Heaven & Space or Rosen Bridge that effects hand-dyed yarn so wonderful.

Martina Behm is a mother of two children and lives in an old inn on the edge of the beautiful Holstein Switzerland, where also courses and knitting gatherings are hold regularly.

Her Website:

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Melanie Berg

Melanie lives and knits in Bonn, where she shares with her husband, their three young children and with a lot of yarn a little house.

In her designs, she breathes new life into the knitting scene - her creations are modern, casual, and especially wearable. Whether jeans or dress, jacket or skirt - a cloth as Drachenfels, Ashburn or Sunwalker always fits.

Melanie loves to work with hand dyed wool. The vast quantity of beautiful colors as well as the subtle shades which give each model a touch of depth, make a knitting project equal much more interesting and exciting. She skillfully plays with the different tones and combines strong colors with neutral ones, to maintain a pleasing balance.

Her guides are clearly structured and easy to understand - not only the finished piece of knitting, but also the way to it should be fun! And all those who show their finished project or would like to join with others in a Mairlynd Knit-Along are invited to stop by at Melanies Ravelry group:

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RiotousAssembly (Sue Grandfield)

Sue Grandfield (RiotousAssembly on Ravelry) is an English knitter living in Melbourne, Australia with her Tasmanian husband. Their work sees them travel the world, and knitting is the perfect companion on those long journeys!

Sue’s love of travel means she can often be found knitting socks, shawls and accessories, small portable items that are great for knitting on the go, but there’s always a larger item on the needles too!

Sue’s designs feature beautiful yarns in fabulous colours and are often inspired by her passion for photographing curious details from the world around her. She loves to research, explore and reinterpret traditional knitting techniques and her style features simplicity with a twist, attention to detail - sometimes elegant, sometimes riotous, but always fun to knit!

Sue loves to teach and pass on her love of knitting. She has been presenting knitting workshops in Australia for the last 10 years and many of her patterns include photo tutorials so everyone is welcome and can share in the fun!

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Nicolor (Nicola Susen)


Nicola Susen stands for clean lines and simple design - namely as a graphic designer as well as in her work as a knitwear designer. If you look closely, you can see even in her patterns her enthusiasm for the “Bauhaus” (school of design, not building supply store ;-).

Her penchant for logic and mathematics following, Nicola began her career as a programmer.

Arranging, optimizing and appropriate shaping was exactly what she wanted to do. Only  her beloved strong colors missed out.

By working as a graphic and knitting designer this deficiency was resolved. »Nicolor" is not only a name, but also program.

Nicolors knitting instructions are under the sign "Maximum freedom": That means,  jackets and sweaters in her program can be knitted with any yarn and in any size, some even without a knitting gauge.

Comodo, Raglano, Hexagon, Hanne are just a few patterns which follow this principle of her instructions.

Her clear and unobtrusive design goes not in competition with the color. On the contrary - both complement each other perfectly.

This is also the opinion of those who knit these intructions. In Ravelry no yarn is so often used in Nicolors projects as Wollmeise in all variations.

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