Update CW 45 - Twin Birdies & 13 new Lace & Advent calendar

by Julia Seidel - 5 Nov, 2019

This friday, 8th of november, we have new Birdie sets in TWIN for you! High Noon, E.T., Rocky Horror Knitting Show and Green Mile are beautiful & colorful sets. As always, our update starts at 8 am. FURTHERMORE, there are new, breathtaking lace skeins from friday in our shop. More information can be found below. Do not forget: On friday, you still have the chance to get hold of an advent calendar in our store in Pfaffenhofen, Germany!

TWIN Birdie-Sets

E.T. - Green Mile

High Noon - Rocky Horror Knitting Show


Delicate, more delicate, most delicate is hardly possible! Rohrspatz & Wollmeise has 13 NEW colors in Lace, including "Ice Flow", "Rose Quartz" and "Moonbeam". Special names for special colorings, because these strands were not dyed by me, the wool tit, this time. I do not want to hide that from you! My only dyeing colleague Martha is pregnant and will soon get a sweet Valentine.

Too much uncolored wool, so I came up with the idea to seek support. We separated the knot-free wool from the one with knots and machine-dyed the knot wool. Look forward to an unbeatable price of 30 €! Surely you can sometimes live with less craft at the product. I assure you, however, that the wool has also been dyed environmentally friendly. Knot wool sounds pretty awful, but it is not, or disturb you 1-3 knots at 300g and for this price?

The names are regular Pantone names, chosen after the Pantone filter. Actually a coloring should have been called Valentin, but Martha would not be happy about that. That does not allow the Hand Dyer honor.

From this friday only in our store in Pfaffenhofen, Germany. From 15th of november the wool is available online, too!