Update CW 11

by Lisa Fuchs - 16 Mar, 2021

Easter will be COLOURFUL!

We have two new items for you!

The Birdie Set "Hoffnung", matching the instructions of Dan Lee's Easter Socks, which will be published on 19.03.2021.

And additionally we have "Drillinge" (triplets) for you!

3 Birdies in one skein

Available from this Friday 8am (MEZ)

If you want to celebrate Easter on your feet too, don't miss the Birdie Set "Hoffnung" ;-)

The pattern will be available in Dan Lee's Ravelry Shop from 19.03.2021.




Drillinge PURE


consists of 3 Miniskeins à 30g Le Paradis Fantastique, Campari Orange, Okzident



Lolo Prinz

consists of 3 Miniskeins à 30g Löwenzahn, True Love, Pfefferminz Prinz




consists of 3 Miniskeins à 30g roter Himbeermund, True Love, Le Paradis Fantastique


Spicy Frizfranz

consists of 3 Miniskeins à 30g Spice Market, Molto Frizzante, Franz




Maus alt                                                                        Tutu                                                              schwarz




Pure Birdie Sets

Knitanic                                                               Overboard                                                             Mermaids


Daphne Clark                                                  Men in Tights                                                                Mowgli