Catch the mice and rats!

by Lisa Fuchs - 21 Jan, 2020

catch the mice and rats!

On January 25, 2020, this saturday, the Middle Kingdom celebrates its New Year.

We celebrate this day from 8.a.m. on friday!

This time the Chinese welcome the "Year of the Rat" in the element metal.

Of course we celebrate this festival with some of our mice and rats,
catch your reduced favorite rodent.

The offer is valid until monday, january 27th 2020 in the morning.

Rats & Mice

The biggest horror for some,
a smart pet for others,
as wool totally harmless if you want to cuddle with it.


In the run-up to Christmas, we were caught

we had a few small uninvited guests in the office. Oh what, it was an extended family!
How good that no wool is stored in the office -  it would be fatal.
These little furs led us around the nose for 3 weeks until the man
a dear colleague (also called mouse whisperer) successfully tackled the problem.
Naturally, our wollmeise had to reward this feat
and arrived after a few days with freshly knitted socks.

Knitted from "mäuseschwänzchen light", decorated with a mouse head
from "im Jahr der Ratte" and with the associated mouse tail.

For the mouse head, our wollmeise used a great guide.
We added them to you here:

Finally a hunting trophy that makes sense!


We hope you enjoy your own mouse hunt! :-)



Feldmäuschen                            Wasserratz






Im Jahr der Ratte                            Mäuseballett                           Maus alt                                Maus jung



                       Fledermaus                    Mäuseballett auf der Wiese

Mäuseschwänzchen                Madame Souris



       Rattenscharf                            Verhext und Verratzt