Update CW 44 - Climate campaign

by Julia Seidel - 28 Oct, 2019

Oh no, now the Wollmeise, too.


Certainly we are also committed to environmental protection and you should also join in. Pushing away unpleasant topics is very humane, but these topics keep fetching you until it‘s too late (think of the dentist). We all know about this problem for a very long time. How embarrassing that our offspring had to get the stone really rolling.
Now it‘s time to „open your eyes and start“. It does not matter immediately and 100% to respect the environment, we can not do that. It is important that all people learn to rethink in small and big steps.
Of course you can now say, „What good is it to separate the garbage if the waste industry transports our garbage to distant lands or has it dumped in the sea?“
Clearly, we need to produce less garbage, think about our own consumption attitude, and look closely every day to see what we do. If this idea prevails, your environment, the industry, will actually have to react to everyone and it will not be as difficult as initially thought.

We knitters are actually super eco-friendly, right? We knit with natural products and create durable garments that were not made by children‘s hands in a distant land and offered at dumping prices. We take our time and appreciate what we do. While we knit, we do not pollute the air ;-).

Most of us knitters also pay attention to environmentally friendly and sustainably produced wool, just as we at Rohrspatz & Wollmeise have always done.
But that‘s not enough for our team at Rohrspatz & Wollmeise, so we would like to support the idea of ​​the environment with our „great climate“ campaign:

Look forward to 8 new special colors, all dedicated to our environment. From every strand sold, we donate one Euro to Greenpeace. We decided in favor of this organization because it operates worldwide and not only supports the tree population in Bavaria or keeps our rivers clean. Which campaign we will support is not yet clear to us, actually best ALL of them?

Our promotion starts on Thursday the 31.10. from 8 am!

1. Der Regenwald soll Leben 2. Blümchen für die Bienen 3. Treibholz statt Plastikmüll

4. Rettet das Korallenriff 5. Saubere Meere 6. Staubfreie Luft

7. Ein Biotop für Dich 8. Adios Gletscherschmelze