Update CW 29 - Silbrig, Zuckerkringel and more

by Julia Seidel - 16 Jul, 2019

Two newbies are looking forward to seeing you, Catriona Lace is now also available in a light version and Leia Lace will be back! And all this with our ONLINE SALE makes a wonderful start to the next weekend. What do you think?


SILBRIG ... this is one of our new colors. Noble and timeless. You can grab this charming friend from Friday in our weekly update. We just say "pure life style" to silvery. We hope he meets your taste!

Sweet, sweet, ZUCKERKRINGEL ... our second new color. Zuckerkringel are best eaten with milk. We do not recommend that when it comes to our wool. Our Zuckerkringel skeins are looking forward to needles, whatever shape, to be processed into great designer pieces.

Lace: Catriona light - Zuckerkringel strong - Leia

Pure: Zuckerkringel light - silbrig