Advent calendar 2019 - Mystery KAL

by Julia Seidel - 30 Aug, 2019


This year we celebrate the pre-Christmas season in Iceland and learn the Christmas customs of this unlikely beautiful country. This advent calendar is designed to encourage you to spend the pre-Christmas period together and to learn how Christmas is celebrated elsewhere.

What is it about:
It becomes a mystery KAL (Knit Along), knitting together a shawl from our lace yarn birdies.
The designer is Julia-Maria Hegenbart, also known as Feinmotorik, came up with a very varied pattern, it is called
The knitting experience is also suitable for beginners and will not be boring.
You will receive the pattern for the individual days in print form, at the very end of the Advent calendar we will send you the corresponding PDF, so that you can knit many shawls.
You get 6 different new colors, which are fluent in each other and when knitting you are already happy as the next color will fit. The colorations are a mix of our marbles and semisolids, which are matched, gradient. The finished Shawl itself, is a real eye-catcher and fashionable in the trend.
Surely you ask yourself: 6 new colors, 24 days?
You can look forward to a 50g Lace Birdie every other day. Sections of the pattern will be available daily. Of course, 6 colors are not enough for the whole Advent, you get these 6 colors a second time, because they are knitted mirrored in the pattern and matching the knitting sections. Of course, we have also prepared specials on different days, so that every day is a great surprise.

To make it a real KAL, you can also chat with Ravelry in the Club der Wollmeisenliebhaber group during this time. English and German should not be a problem, knitters are cosmopolitan and approach each other (that‘s what you do, right?). Julia, as well as us, will accompany you during this time, maybe not daily, but overall we are present and open to questions. In addition, we will also have a daily Advent Calendar blog again. There will be stories, pictures and other things for you. Let yourself be surprised.

You can choose between two color options.

Pure nature: Contains (almost) all the colors of Iceland, sulphurous fumaroles, the blue sea, the colors of moss lichen, stones, waterfalls, fish ...
This color combination is perfect for people who like warmer colors.

Berry tones: The name already reveals it. Look forward to multi-layered berry tones, sometimes very clear and fresh, sometimes muted, paired with grays and browns. If you like cooler tones, you will enjoy this mixture.

The new colors and also the pattern will not be available for 6 months, so limited. At the end of the 6 months, the pattern will be freely available, as well as the individual colors. But we can not guarantee that these new colors will also be available as birdies, but only as a whole skein and of course in other wool qualities.

24 high-quality linen bags, which are numbered
12 x 50g Lace Birdies - there will be enough wool left for further accessoires
1 pattern, split into 24 days, plus the PDF version after 24th December
2 stitch markers
Now and then a bit of this and that and
common anticipation of Christmas
Price: 140€

Sales start from 27.9 - shipping from the beginning of November

We look forward to a wonderful Mystery KAL and your results!

Greetings, Wollmeise & Team