Update CW 23

by Lisa Fuchs - 8 Jun, 2021

This update next Friday 8 a.m. (MEZ)

is full of surprises!

Due to the cancellation of this year's Summer Sale, our Wollmeise and her son Tobias have each prepared a special dyeing for you.

Beforehand they discussed which colours should be used for the skeins.

Then they worked separately.

This resulted in 2 beautiful matching skeins.


Oldtimer                                      &                         Next Generation


As we are unfortunately not allowed to welcome you this year, our Wollmeise and Tobi are still busy and provide you with lots of new colourings.


Blaubeer Skyr                                                                         isländisch Moos                                                      früher Thymian


Something NEW

DK Marbles

This has never happened before!

8 beautiful marbles in DK are waiting for you!

Bonnie Prince Charlie                                                       Catriona light                                                                     Enya


Finlay                                                                                     Gwynnifar                                                                    Sheena


Nordpol                                                                                               Seamus