update CW 23

by Lisa Fuchs - 2 Jun, 2020

Waiting is finally over!

From friday 8 a.m. cou can get our wonderful skeins

from our Adventcalender 2019 as single skeins in Lace.

And if you can not decide, we have packed sets for you.

You get 6 mini skeins of 50 grams each.


Pattern: Closer to the edge by Julia-Marie Hegenbart alias Feinmotorik


Iceland awaits you!

Natur Pur

     PLOP                   Isländisch Moos                    er bläst


E 15                            Krafla                       Atlantik


Ministränge Natur Pur




nochmal PLOP                  tief im Vulkan               Odin war´s


Blaubeer Skyr             früher Thymian              Storchschnabel


Ministränge Beerentöne



       Tip of the week      

it´s so harmonious!

Our Harmonistas are versatile and have been pretted up for the Onlineshop.

Get inspired!


Harmonista Nr. 45      Harmonista Nr. 21      Harmonista Nr. 51