Update CW 15

by Lisa Fuchs - 13 Apr, 2021

This update will amaze you again!

We have 2 new special dyeings for you, which are dedicated to the unusual fairs.

It is not possible to visit Leipzig and Stockholm, but you will have 2 events to knit.

In addition, there are now the Wollmeise Biennale Sets in Pure!

And since that's not enough, we'll fill the Pure shelves.

This Friday 8am (MEZ) - don't miss it!


Lace Birdie Sets

Knit, Forrest, knit                                                     Knitlantis      



13 Al                                                     silbrig                                         Jeton


Magnolie regular                                 Magnolie light                              Puderdöschen


Delphin                                         Merlot                                         total edel


schlicht                                              Vamp                                       himmelblau


sail the 7 seas


Biennale Sets in Pure

Muted                                                                     Jewel


Leipzig und Stockholm - We miss you!

Leipzig  (Pure)                                            Stockholm (Twin)


As we would have started our trip to Stockholm and to Leipzig this year, our Wollmeise thought "A year without Wollmeisen travelling? - WITHOUT US!"

We're just coming to you in a roundabout way, because the Wollmeise has created a special dye for you for both events.

When you hold these skeins in your hands, think of the wonderful moments we had together at the events. Think of how we laughed together. Think of all the bright colours. Think about having a cup of coffee and talking about the latest pattern. Think about the feeling of strolling through the shelves and holding skein after skein of wool in your hands.

Think of how it would be when we meet again.

We miss these events together and we miss YOU!