Christmas greetings

by Hildegard Kau - 9 Dec, 2019

Dear Wollmeise friends,

It's time again, Christmas and the New Year approach! I sit here and read my Christmas greetings of the last years, some were naughty, some thoughtful, but they all had one thing in common, I thanked all of you very warmly for your loyalty, so also this year. Many thanks girls and guys, you are the best! I hope you do not get bored in the new year and I do my best to create really great contemporary dyeings for you.
The theme is Christmas and how we will slip into the New Year. Do you have any plans for that?
This year, I'm thinking a lot about people who will / have to celebrate Christmas alone. Recently I spent some time alone (it was only two weeks), my family was away. This situation made me totally unhappy, I can’t live alone anymore. During this time, I talked to my neighbor, who lost her partner a few years ago. She still feels very lonely, especially during the holidays. Would not it be a nice thought to invite not so close friends to the party during the holidays, who would be guaranteed to be alone?
I know that could be difficult, but it would be worth a try and probably an asset to everyone.
With this in mind, I wish you all and your families a wonderful Christmas and start the New Year with good thoughts!

A few more details at the end. Our last update takes place on 13.12.2019 and orders until 19.12.2019 can still be processed.

Our Christmas holiday starts on 21.12.2019 and we are back again from 07.01.2020 for you. The first update in the new year will take place on 03.01.2020.

There is also a small price adjustment due, both in wool and postage. This will happen during the first week of work (CW 02).

Your Wollmeise with team