Personal Wollmeise Christmas greeting

15.12.2017 10:02 by Andreas Wellmann

Dear Santa!

Before we give you our wish list for next year, we would like to thank you for this year.
Thank you for all the lovely customers, that accompanied us this year. We hope our customers considered this year as an exciting, content and successful one, too.
Thank you for giving us always new ideas and that we had so much fun with doing our work.

Okay we haven’t been always good, but it was never done with intent and we try to do it better next year. Nevertheless, we kindly ask you (if possible), to fulfill all our wishes.

Our wish list for the coming year:
Very important! Please bring to all our customers a wonderful Christmas and that they celebrate jolly the New Year. Also give them New Year’s resolutions they can keep (hopefully we keep ours too).
Also very important! Please let all our customers and us be as creative as possible. Creativity makes life happy! Happy people are nice to their fellow human beings.
Actually, that’s it. Of course the absolute world peace is missing, but that a tough nut to crack for you. However, we believe in you and we trust you will do your best.

Your Wollmeise

At the end of the year we have some important dates:
This year’s orders will be processed only until Wednesday, the 20th of December 2017.

The online shop remains open also during our Christmas holiday (22.12.217 until including 07.01.2018), so that you can browse and order during the holidays. Our first update in the New Year will take place on the 5th of January 2018, still under the price conditions of 2017. The processing of the orders, however, will take place after our Christmas holiday from 08.01.2018. On that day we will also change our prices to the announced increase.

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Happy Knitmas wishes the Wollmeise-Team