Wollmeise – Die Wollmeise (lat. Parus lana)


In real life Claudia Höll-Wellmann became through the foundation of “Rohrspatz und Wollmeise” the Wollmeise. The company name is appropriate alliance of the beautiful pieces in steel by Rohrspatz and the woolly ideas of the wool tit.

In the beginning there was the needle and not the yarn:

There are perhaps not many, who knows, that I am a passionate knitter with a great love for details. This fact drives me to look constantly for beautiful material or strange patterns. I find inspiration not only in the newest trends in fashion, except everywhere in the world, like in nature, history or in daily life. If an idea fills me with enthusiasm, I try everything to fit it into my concept. That made me to discover dye works.

Play with colours:

Even though my wool stock was enormous, I was limited. I never had the exact shade of a colour, which certainly had made a difference. In short, I did my own wool and a new world opened up for me. I aimed for special shades and for a long time experimented in getting for instance the velvet bluish lilac of violets and not only the ordinary lilac. Sometimes this just happens, like rhubarb. I see the colour and remember the juicy leaves and shafts of rhubarb. Other colours are a feeling or an imagination. I don’t think anyone has seen dragon blood and certainly “poison” looks different for most people.

Being a nitpicker:

Even if my work seems to be very playful, I become a real pedant when it comes to quality. I choose my materials very careful and I have the urge to do every single step in production myself and alone.