The pipe sparrow (Rohrspatz: Rohr = pipe)


In real life named Andreas Wellmann became through the foundation of “Rohrspatz und Wollmeise” the Rohrspatz. The company name symbolises the close private and economic relationship to Wollmeise, paired with different interests and materials.

Learned it from scratch:

Already as a young boy I came in contact with iron by an apprenticeship as a locksmith which I followed through to a master exam. Further on in my professional life I had hardly contact with real work in the shop. Through the garden I found my way back to the creative handling of steel and nonferrous metals.

A means to an end

Even if I really fond of the craftsmanship in working in metal, I see it as just the means in putting my ideas and visions into practice. Whether the garden is big or small it will always be a big part in the life of people and free space in the creative and individual realization in a stressful daily life. In this quest I have specialised in seeing the garden not as a flat surface, expect as a volume and filling even its height with green.